End Those January Blues


Okay…we’ve all had enough now haven’t we? The post Christmas “being good” is now wearing extremely thin and let’s face it….it’s boring. We’re bored! Bored with being good, of counting the pennies, of denying ourselves those little treats and only purchasing the necessities of life! But ladies, we deserve those treats, they ARE necessities in our lives – they make us feel good, they cheer us up and let’s be honest – they make us far more bearable to live with.

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Dyeing To Look Good


And wait 30 minutes…

so I am now waiting the obligatory 30 minutes, with a mixture of feelings that involve both dread and eager anticipation.

Yes, I am dyeing my hair. This is something I have now done for probably over 40 years and still, every time I do it, there are the mixed feelings. Probably partly due to the fact that I have rarely learnt from my hair dyeing mistakes.

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Back To The Future

In 54 days time, I will return from my travelling adventure of 14 months, and will come down to earth with a bump…a bump called reality. When I set off on my travels, I had many ideas of what it would be like, what it would mean to me and how it would change my reality and the world I left behind.


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Monsters In Our Society….Social Workers


I have just read yet another story in the media regarding Social Workers – who as usual are portrayed as the axe murders and child nappers in our society and again…as usual…I am incensed. 

I have worked within the realms of child protection now for well over a decade and cannot believe that even educated people still believe that in the UK social workers can just turn up at someone’s door and remove children whenever they feel like it, or merely on a whim!

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

There is no doubt, that going travelling with at first two, and then one beautiful young women in their 20’s, when you are past the mid 50 mark….is not easy. With their youthful bodies, their rosy glow, shining eyes, lack of grey hair and no wrinkles, they always look good – even in their tatty t-shirts and shorts and, at times, whilst sweating buckets. At my age, it really does very little for your ego to have such travel buddies…believe me!

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Be Bold…Be Brave

Why is it, that when it comes to clothes, we value the opinion of others, more than our own? Which then in turn, begs the question…do we therefore dress more for others approval than we do for ourselves?


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